While I am a personal admirer of Pastor Johann Christoff Arnold of Rifton's Burderhof, his letters to this publication defending Pope Benedict XVI  are simply inappropriate in the context of of
the history of the protecting of such pedophiles at lower levels of the Hierarchy over the years.  Since Pastor Arnold wrote a book titled "Endangered:Your Child in a Hostile World", the context of which and underlying theme of which seems excellent, protection of those who have never owned responsibility over their peers nor most damning the children who were taught to view them and their peers as role models and appropriate authority figures appears to be blatant hypocrisy.  And it is hypocrisy-the appearance of same or the actual existence of same--that tends to turn people off from religion and those who hold themselves out to be religious--and rightly so.
 It is certainly relevant to ask whether the current Pope now holds a different view;however it is equally pertinent to remember that the current Pope has not likely changed considerably from his younger years in administrative viewpoint by the very nature of the Hierarchical system(no matter how he may now answer such a question). 
   It also illustrates one "humorous" law of the nature of things, which is: "the greatest incompetents seem to rise the most quickly to the top." 
 Whether the parents of the victims of such behavior or the victims themselves find this "law" "humorous" is a different question altogether, of course...